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World Heritage Pécs

Getting there

Because of their situation the venues of the world heritage sites might only be approached by car indirectly, but thank to the parking lots in the area they can be reached after a few-minute walk.


  1. Cella Septichora Visitor Centre
  2. 8 Apáca Street
  3. 14 Apáca Street
  4. Mausoleum

    Apáca Street locations are not currently available!

On foot

From Széchenyi Square in Janus Pannonius and Apáca streets.



By car

The closest car park is at Barbakán Square and the surrounding streets at pay-park areas. Driving into Szent István Square and Apáca Street is only possible by pre-bought permits.


By coach

For groups: Coaches might stop for a maximum of 10 minutes at Barbakán Square for the time of getting on and off.