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World Heritage Pécs

Burial edifices in Apáca Street

Hidden secrets of Pécs’s courtyards

A part of today’s world heritage area, a hiterto unknown part of the Early Christian cemetary was found in the form of a cohesive group of graves on the lot of 8 Apáca street at the end of the 1950’s.


At the time, the lot gave home to the Baranya County Library. During the building works of the library’s newer wings, a painted Roman double grave was found by chance. Archeological excavations began at the 8 Apáca street lot in 1958, in regards to the finding of the grave, under the supervision of Ferenc Fülep. During excavation, a further 28 graves, a burial chamber, two burial chamber-like buildings, as well as buried skeletons were found.


These unique Early Christian mementos were up until recently closed to the public, the hidden secrets of this centrally located courtyard only being accessible on special occasions.


This world heritage site has been visitable at the weekends, where a series of informational videos, touch-screen applications and an archeological adventure for children are also available.