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World Heritage Pécs

Burial edifices in Apáca Street

Attractions at 8 and 14 Apáca Street are temporarily unavailable!

Hidden treasures

8 Apáca Street

A large group of graves from the late Roman period were discovered at 8 Apáca Street in 1958 by Ferenc Fülöp. The most interesting one is a twin grave. The twin tombs found in Apáca Street are two burial tombs built right next to each other, covered with a single barrel vault. It is a transitional state between the brick tomb and a burial chamber. The interior wall is decorated by a reddish lattice pattern with red and yellow flower motif on a white background, while at the head section by a Christogram. The lattice motif presumably refers to the Garden of Eden.



12 St. Stephen's Square – 14 Apáca Street 

Approximately 110 graves and two burial chambers were excavated between 12 St. Stephen’s Square and 14 Apáca Street in 1968 and 1972 by Ferenc Fülöp. One cemetery edifice and two brick graves are located in 14 Apáca Street. 



The cemetery edifice nr. XIII. 14 Apáca Street

A funerary edifice was excavated between 1968 and 1969. The northern end of the structure ends in a semi-circular apse. It had at least two periods of construction and use. First served as a tomb chapel, many tombs were dug and built of brick under the floor of the interior. Later, at around the turn of the 4–5 centuries AD funerary activity was abandoned here and a small narthex (a lobby) was built and a semi-circular table with a seating bench in the apse.