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World Heritage Pécs

Sopianae Roman Walk mobil app

Use this free application to learn about the history of Ancient Sopianae and its buildings from the Roman era. Rotating, contemporary, three-dimensional models, readable and audible, exciting descriptions help you travel through time.

The application was developed in 2019 by a team of expert upon the engagement by the Zsolnay Heritage Management Non-profit Ltd. Thus mobile app was implemented in the framework of an EU funded project within the COSME programme. Our organization was responsible to profuce a pilot product in the framework of the SDITOROMAN project.The Sopianae Roman Walk application is available for free since December 2019 in Hungarian and in English.

The bilingual mobile application with a map in wich the 12 reconstructed buildings from the Roman era are visible as points. The style of the map alludes to the Romane period. One can choose from three hiking trails: the Roman city tour, the Late Roman Early Christian Cemetery tour (World Heritage tour) and the Full tour including all 23 Roman buildings across the city of Pécs/Sopianae.


In the maps view, the visitor can see which period of the Roman era each buildings belonged to. After selecting the building, the visitor can get to navigate to the location by help of the GPS in their cell phone, or if the building is not approachabe, then to the direct surroundings of the building. When the visitor arrives to the selected location, the device loads the digital contents of the building: the 3D rotatable model of the building, the associated pictures, texted and narrated contents. Alongside the 3D rotatable model of the building at added location, also a so-called Virtual Time Travel application appears. With this the visitor can visualize the today's condition of the building, the Roman period building and also the reconstraction of its direct surrounding, the added texturized building. The application allows visitor experience of Roman period time travel.


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